Accommodation and meals

Accommodation and meals

We offer three types of accommodation during the course: double room, single room or a separate apartment. Accommodation in a double room is included in the price of a group course with accommodation, that is 420 Euro in Winter, Spring and Fall and 450 Euro during Summer courses with cultural program. Single room is available for additional 70 Euro, a separate apartment is available for additional 200 Euro.

Single and double room are usually located in private flats. Some of our hosts can communicate in English and German at different levels, but some of them speak Polish only. In every flat you can use the kitchen to prepare breakfast and cold supper.

If you have any special wishes concerning your accommodation or you would like to extend your stay, please let us know when registering for the course. We can also help you with booking a hotel room. If you choose this option, please inform us as early as possible, since Krakow is popular with travellers, and it is sometimes difficult to find a suitable room at a reasonable price for more than a few days.


Hotels which we can recommend:

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