Insurance and travel tips

Insurance and travel tips

As the course fee does not include health insurance, you are responsible for buying your own health/travel insurance for your stay in Cracow if your regular health insurance does not cover medical expenses incurred in Poland. 


The official Polish currency is Polish Zloty (PLN), 1 zloty equals 100 groszy.

Money can be exchanged at banks or numerous exchange bureaus (Polish: "Kantor"). The exchange bureaus closer to the city center usually offer better rates than banks.

Travel to Cracow

You are responsible for your own travel arrangements. The following information may be helpful in planning your trip to Cracow.

By plane:
If you arrive in Cracow by air, you should know that the airport in Krakow-Balice is 11 km away from the city center. In order to get to the city center from the airport, you can take a bus (no. 208, 252 and 902 - the night line) or a train, which is a relatively convenient and quite inexpensive means of transport. 

If you prefer to take a taxi, we recommend ICAR TAXI, MEGA TAXI or ECO TAXI. They are usually less expensive than others.  

By train:
If you are traveling via Warsaw, you can take advantage of the convenient express or InterCity train connection to Cracow. Timetables can be found at (InterCity and express trains only) or Warsaw's main railway station is called "Warszawa Centralna" and Cracow's main railway station is "Kraków Główny".

By bus:
For additional bus connections, look at

After the arrival in Cracow

As the railway and bus stations are situated in the city center, you can easily take a bus or tram from there to your lodgings. Detailed information about public transport in Cracow can be found at and Uber and Bolt are available at very low fares.


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